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Fly Rod and Creel

I believe this bait is the best of its type whether it’s called a French fry or
centipede. This plastic bait is the standard to witch all others of this type should
strive for, it is consistent in color, softness, texture and quality from one package
to the next. Texas Rigged, Carolina Rigged, on a jig head, drop shot rigged. Fished
fast or slow  depending on time of year and weather it produces bass when
spinner baits, crank baits, other worm and lizard type baits fail. I like to fish it
shallow or deep, off points, road beds, out side or inside weed lines, in timber and
just about any place. It produces a less threatening presentation to fish than most
other baits. My favorite colors are water melon seed, chartreuse pepper, green
pumpkin, gourd green, black blue fleck, black red fleck but all the many colors
available are good just use what works in your area and water color or match the
bait to the forage in your favorite lake.

Give this bait a try and you want be disappointed.
Bassman1 at Wildlife By Nature.
Zoom Centipede
Texas Annual Public Hunting Permit
This is a great source for those who want to hunt in Texas but can not afford a
year round or a day lease. The price is affordable for the amount of hunting
opportunities available. Go to:
http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us./huntwild/hunt/public/lands/ for full details.
Also available are draw hunts for many species of game available to Texas
hunters. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department administers a comprehensive
public hunting program. The Public Hunting Program, begun in 1954, offers the
opportunity to participate in low cost, family oriented, spontaneous hunts for a
multitude of wildlife species on diverse lands of substantial acreage as well as a
variety of other outdoor recreational activities.
Each year, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department publishes maps of land open for
public hunting. As it becomes available, here you'll find information on 1,135,245
acres of public hunting lands contained within 78 units in 66 counties and a
Supplement that lists approximately 140 additional areas offering dove and other
small game hunting opportunities. Access is provided by either of two types of
annual permits: the Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit which allows full privileges
including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and other non-consumptive uses and
the Limited Public Use (LPU) Permit which also provides access for
non-consumptive uses.
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Outboard Motor Cover