Wood Duck on the Water
Assorted Crank Baits
Bass Fishing Lake Fork,  Texas                                                                    

It’s a early spring mourning in March; our day begins just at day light, on a cool and
slightly overcast mourning. On the way to the lake we discus where we will begin
the day an the type of lures and best style of fishing we will use .Deciding on top
water to start with before the sun comes up we head just a short ride from the
ramp where we launched. This area has an old road bed close to a small cove, we
start at the mouth and just inside the northwest point of the cove .My partner
starts with a buzz bait and I try a pop–r. The wind is light and out of the south,
Water slightly stained. Temperature of the water in mid 50's.
Suddenly from the back deck I hear my wife, she has connected with what
appears to be a good fish, rod bowed under the stain of a fish battling to get free .
Finally after a few minutes she lands a black bass of about 7 lbs. Gently the fish is
unhooked kissed and released to be caught another day .I quickly change to a buzz
bait and we continue to fish. There is old weed mixed with new, beginning to grow
along and just out from the bank. Suddenly there is a loud splash and both anglers
are into battle. A few minutes later we are holding up two nice bass just over the
twenty one inch legal slot limit .Quickly we take a picture, and then gently release
our catch. About 10 am. The sun is up and the over cast sky has cleared. The
fishing has slowed so we changed to a Carolina rig with a three quarter ounce
weight ,a three foot leader with a no. 1 off set worm hook .On this we put a zoom
centipede for bait .We move out to the mouth of cove ,a short distance away after
a few cast just off the point I connect and before I can land my fish my partner lets
out a holler and she also has a good fish on .We land our double and admire their
size and weight ,about 8lbs and  just short of 21 inches. By this time its lunch and
time for a short break .Then we crank up and go to Birch Creek, stopping to graph
and check a few other spots .WE then catch a few small bass on a hump just out
from the bridge crossing Birch Creek and decide its time to head home.                     
Has been one of those exceptional day’s spent on the water and shared with my
partner (my beautiful wife and friend ).Regardless of one’s fishing success ,time
spent with a good friend or wife,son,daughter,or grand child can make for a great
and successful day.
May your line stay wet !  ‘’FISH ON ‘’
Story by Bassman1
If cool days, crisp nights sound good then this is a great way to enjoy a relaxing
fishing experience. Mournings usually start out  with fog drifting up off the river,  
Geese flying low just above the water, the sound off water over the riffle of rock .
The tranquil views of rock bluffs, wildlife and forest great you all along the way.
There are many good resorts that serve most river fishing areas. My wife and I go
once a year in September. We hire a guide that knows the river and its hopefully
best spots to fish. One of the best is Dave at Norfolk trout dock. He may adjust your
days float trip according to the water level and flow. The staff at Norfolk also offers
a shore lunch with fresh fried trout, potatoes, beans and salad, using the trout you
catch. The trout fishing dock will furnish boat, motor and all related equipment, for
do it yourself or guided at very reasonable prices. One can expect to catch fifty to
one hundred fish in a full day, for two and guide most fish are rainbows, but one
can luck into an occasional brown or cutthroat trout                                                       
Tackle used is ultra light spinning rods and reels, rods of four and half to five feet
are best, but one can use any length you like. A line of two to six pound test is
Clear or moss green is the best for use in this location. If you do not have or want
to buy rods and reels most guides will furnish any needed equipment. Bait used
can run from crawfish (whole or just white meat from the tail), worms, sculpin, and
river minnows to power baits and salmon eggs.  Also artificial lures such as in line
spinners, small stick baits, such as rapalas may also be used. Places to stay, one
of our favorites are Gaston’s White River Resort. They are located just a short
drive below Bull Shoals Lake dam. Close to the town of Lake View Arkansas
Side trips if one can leave the river and its great fishing are many. Bass pro Shop
in Springfield, Missouri. Antiques and shows in Branson, Mo., Take a scenic drive
to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a day or antique shopping and seeing the many
Victorian homes and Scenic Rail Road.
Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors and fishing where ever you go.                      
See you on one of America’s great streams or lakes.
Story by Bassman1
Rainbow Trout in Frying Pan on a Fire
Rainbow Trout
Large Mouth Black Bass in Lilly Pads
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