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How to Build a Camp Fire
Hunter's Fire
Good for cooking and has good wind protection. Not useful for entertaining or warming.
* Retrieve two short logs 6 to 8 inches in diameter and place them nearly parallel to
each   other about 6 inches apart at one end and 3 inches at the other.
* Create small teepee fire between the logs and feed it fuel until there are good coals.
* Use the two logs as a platform on which you set your pots to cook.
* Spread or pile the coals to create hotter and cooler cooking areas.

Teepee Fire

This is my favorite and I believe the most useful and easiest to light. The key is to stick a
few sticks into the ground to supply support for the rest of the kindling.

* Place your tinder bundle on the ground or on a small piece of bark.
* Stick three or four kindling twigs in the ground to form a teepee above the tinder.
* Lean small kindling twigs against the downwind side of the tinder.
* Leave an opening on the upwind side all the way to the center tinder where you can        
light the fire.
* Continue to lean twigs around the teepee structure.
* Work your way up to pencil-sized sticks, leaving plenty of air space between sticks.
* Poke three or four pencil-sized sticks into the ground forming a larger teepee                   
* Lean some smaller fuelwood pieces against this support structure.
* Have additional small fuelwood and kindling ready in case it is needed.

This style produces a fast flame and quickly falls into itself in a pile of coals. The heat is
directed up to a single point and is useful for boiling water in a single pot above the
teepee. Once the teepee collapses, fuelwood can be laid around it like a log cabin or just
criss-cross on top of the flames.

For more information on Campfires visit:
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